Community of mind and community of praxis deliver lasting change


Pink Pompeii builds on experience in both public and private sectors to empower changemakers, to provide evidence-based analysis, to foster accountability, to embrace system complexity for transformation to take place.

Community Driven Development

Community driven development demonstrates that communities can take control over planning decisions and investment resources, leading to changing the lives of the poor and raising their voices.


Area-based approaches manage the complexity of needs within regions affected by displacement. We engage in multi-partner frameworks for the capacitation of durable solutions to address ongoing development challenges in fragile contexts.

Public Sector Reform & Governance

We support governance by enhancing accountability for results, co-designing solutions and gradually building capacity to implement and manage programs sustainably. Successful transformation should be issue based with clear ownership within concerned local entities on the need for reform.

Financial Sector

The financial sector is often a vector for economic development in emerging economies. Opportunities to leapfrog using innovative technologies, products and channels to market require building trust through transparency, intelligent regulation and care for customers. We provide independent views along this journey and support changemakers in action.


Understanding structural impediments to women's access, engaging stakeholders and communities to seek effective solutions, fostering early change and empowering girls and women.


Short and long-term responses are equally important to bring back peace after a conflict. We understand and act on both.

Food System Transformation

Climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices are putting food systems at risk. Combining business with environmental and social impact, profit and learning, we work on sustainable and scalable agrifood business with proven impact, feeding more people, better while healing the planet.

Renewable Energy

How can we connect disenfranchised users to energy markets whilst integrating renewable solutions? We address the complex interface between constantly evolving technology and remote populations, embracing the last-mile distribution challenges through social and tech innovation and impact-driven models.

Local Economic Development

Financial institutions and systems development that enhances access to financial and knowledge resources, barrier removal for value chains to function, support for demand generation and capacities to supply: we empower these changes.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Challenging environments require complex responses based on robust and participatory project management that cuts across sectors, types and sizes of organisations. Multidisciplinary work, data-driven decision-making and people-centric design strengthen genuine and effective collaboration and spark innovation.

HR & Procurement

Support to the implementation of new project and organizational structures, independent assurance of recruitment processes and evidence-based performance management systems. Independent observer of public procurement processes; advising on conformity to relevant regulations as well as the functioning of procurement systems.

Accountability & Integrity

Establishment of organisational structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Creation of systems that hold individuals, teams and organisations accountable for performance - both programmatic and behavioural. Probity assurance of processes prone to outside influence and that are potentially highly contestable.

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